Legal Stuff

Our Terms and Conditions

Food intolerances and nut allergies

If you have asked for a particular food to be excluded from your Candy Buffet we will make all attempts to make sure this is the case. Nut allergies are very common now, and Candy Couture cannot guarantee that sweets purchased for consumption at your event will have no traces of nut or nut oils from production. Candy Couture cannot be held responsible for issues arising as a result of your guest’s selection.

Safety first

Our Candy is served in beautiful glassware and it is your guests responsibility to ensure that their children are suitably supervised around the Candy Cart at all times to ensure their safety and avoid any breakages. Candy can be served in plastic jars for safety of children and must be requested at time of booking.

Candy Couture will not be held responsible for sweets chosen by children which could result in a choking hazard for them or any danger associated with the misuse of packaging materials.

Candy Couture will not be held responsible for guests, who suffer from allergies, for eating the Candy.